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Venus ISRU: Gas Phase Processes

In the last post, we talked about methods to condense out the five most readily condenseable constituents of the Venusian atmosphere (sulfuric acid, water, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride). In some ways the next steps of the gas … Continue reading

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Venus ISRU: Condenseables [Updated]

[Note: Karl caught an important oversight in the comments. With a concentration of 150ppm and a boiling point of only -10C, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) should also be considered a condenseable. It’s dew point is likely pretty close to water’s. So … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Inspiration Venus?

This morning, Grant Bonin (of the UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory) sent me a very interesting JBIS paper from about 6 years ago, discussing a manned-flyby/robotic-telepresence expedition to Venus. In light of the Venus ISRU series, I thought it worth doing … Continue reading

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Venus Terraforming Open Thread

There have been several comments in the other Venus posts about terraforming. I don’t have a lot of personal opinions or ideas on the topic, but would like to provide this open thread for people to comment to their hearts’ … Continue reading

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Venusian Rocket Floaties

While doing research previous in preparation for the Venus ISRU series, one of the questions that I knew needed a good answer was “how do you actually send vehicles to/from a floating cloud colony?” Unlike the any other near-term manned … Continue reading

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Venus ISRU: What Do We Have to Work With?

In the last mini blog-post, we talked about some of the benefits of atmospheric-feedstock ISRU. But that leads to the question, what materials are there in the Venusian atmosphere, particularly in and around the 50km zone? While chemical engineering may … Continue reading

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Venus ISRU: Benefits of Atmospheric Feedstocks

The concept of in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) has long been an important one for space settlement. The more one can “live-off-the-land”, the less one has to bring with them, the more affordable settlement becomes. If one can lower the cost … Continue reading

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Venus ISRU: Introduction

While the Moon still has my “heart” when it comes to offworld destinations, I’ve long been interested in the idea of Venus Cloud Colonies (some references here and here and this article from earlier today). As several others have pointed … Continue reading

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Some Blog Post Topics for 2013 (Updated 1/2/13)

Last month, while in the middle of a technical writing project for work, I tweeted a list of a few blog posts I wanted to write sometime in the near future, and asked some friends to nag me occasionally until … Continue reading

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