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Servicing Iridium’s Satellite Constellation: Business Case (Part 2)–Background and Technical Challenges

Earlier this week, Colin Doughan posted the first post in what should hopefully be a fun series of posts on the business case of servicing the Iridium satellites over on his excellent Space Business Blog. As he mentioned at the … Continue reading

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Boom-Rendezvous: A Path Not-Yet Taken

Earlier this summer, I stumbled on a fascinating paper while trying to find some quotes for my Space 2009 Propellant Depot paper.  The paper I found, Boom Rendezvous Alternative Docking Approach, written by Joseph Bonnometti of MSFC, discussed an interesting … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Tuggery and RCS

This is just a short one that someone pointed out to me over the weekend.  For spacecraft that have to do their own rendezvous and docking with say a space station or depot, you need an RCS capable of not … Continue reading

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