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Momentum Exchange Tethers — An Introduction

Anyone who’s interested in going to the Moon ought to take a serious look at the technology of momentum-exchange tethers. My own interest began back in 1998, when as a summer intern on the X-33 program at Lockheed Martin Skunk … Continue reading

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Some Boom Rendezvous Videos

Kirk sent me the link to these yesterday, but I didn’t have time to blog them yet.  These should hopefully give you a better idea of what we’re talking about.  If you have time, the other videos on his youtube … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: CAM in a Can?

One of the more interesting modules that was originally going to be part of ISS was the Japanese-built Centrifuge Accomodations Module (CAM).  The CAM was designed to provide the facilities for testing the impact of reduced and hypergravity–over a range … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts/Orbital Access Methodologies VII: Air-Launched Glideforward TSTO with Exo-atmospheric Suborbital Refueling

Ok, I’ve been toying with another orbital access methodology, but I wasn’t sure whether to file it under Random Thoughts (which tend to be my more half-baked, far-out ideas) or with the rest of the Orbital Access Methodologies series (which … Continue reading

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Boom-Rendezvous: A Path Not-Yet Taken

Earlier this summer, I stumbled on a fascinating paper while trying to find some quotes for my Space 2009 Propellant Depot paper.  The paper I found, Boom Rendezvous Alternative Docking Approach, written by Joseph Bonnometti of MSFC, discussed an interesting … Continue reading

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Skribit Bypass Operation

Ok, between the trip to DC for the awards ceremony on Thursday, and taking all of next week off for a long-needed vacation, I’m not quite out of the woods yet. But after that I want to get back into … Continue reading

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Space 2009 Papers

I only have a few minutes tonight, but part of what’s been keeping me busy lately has been two Space 2009 papers I’ve been involved with (one as the primary author, and another as a very minor coauthor). First, the … Continue reading

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One of the Most Amazing 25 Minutes in (Recent) NASA History [Updated]

Or at least that’s how Stephen Flemming put it on Twitter regarding Jeff Greason’s presentation at the Augustine Committee meeting today in Florida. To be fair, the rest of the subgroup also did an amazing job, especially Chris Chyba’s wrapup … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Tuggery and RCS

This is just a short one that someone pointed out to me over the weekend.  For spacecraft that have to do their own rendezvous and docking with say a space station or depot, you need an RCS capable of not … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Lunar Excavation Technologies

I recently found a fun presentation on lunar excavation technologies that I thought deserved a bit wider circulation.  I’ve actually been interested in lunar excavation for over a decade now (in fact, it played a role in leading me to … Continue reading

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