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Random Thoughts: Columbus Article Link and Lunar Patents?

I don’t think this counts as my monthly blog post, mostly because I’m linking to and commenting on someone else’s blog post, but here goes. Michael Mealling (a fellow Masten Alumni gone entrepreneur) set out this year to do a … Continue reading

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Random Thought: Is Commercial Crew Having to be “More Catholic Than the Pope”?

I realized I already made several of my points about the overemphasis of “safety” for NASA’s commercial crew program back in March, but I heard a recent line that helped me better understand what may be driving this. This probably … Continue reading

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Scooby-Doo Ending

I’ve noticed a meme over the past years that NASA would be able to accomplish more if it didn’t keep getting its direction changed every time a new President comes in, or every time there is a shakeup in Congress. … Continue reading

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Meteor Crater, Dinosaurs, and Spacefaring

On the way home from the Space Access 2012 conference yesterday, we drove by Meteor Crater, Arizona. I’m not much of a photographer, but I take pictures anyway. Here’s a few of my favorites: While I was standing there looking … Continue reading

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Random Thought: Should Safety be the Top Priority?

[Note: I just wanted to share a quick semi-baked opinion, and it was long enough that if I broke it up into a series of tweets, Ben Brockert and Will Pomerantz would probably remind me of this blog thing I … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

[Note: Here’s a letter to the editor that I sent in to a local Colorado paper a few days ago, which didn’t get published. Not that most of this should be too surprising to regular readers, but I figured it … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Jeff’s Talk Part 1: Subeconomic Resources

I finally got around to watching Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk last night (youtube link here), and it has got me thinking. In an effort to actually get some blog posts going again, I’m going to break this up into chunks … Continue reading

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Anchor Tenancy

Keith Cowing posted an interesting notice over on SpaceRef today. Basically NASA is using authority in one bill to remove a restriction in their acquisition regulations on doing “anchor tenant” type contracts. Anchor tenancy agreements have been talked about in … Continue reading

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Good Quote from Rep. Hall

From NASAWatch/Spaceref: “While it is true that prudent investments in science and technology will almost certainly yield future economic gains and will allow our knowledge economy to grow, it is also true that these gains can be thwarted by poor … Continue reading

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The ITAR/Immigration Bifecta of Suck

I know I’ve written about this topic before, but I think it’s worth bringing it up again. When you combine the stupidity of ITAR as it exists with the difficulty of getting even a green-card for your typical foreign engineering … Continue reading

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