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Thoughts on Jeff’s Talk Part 1: Subeconomic Resources

I finally got around to watching Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk last night (youtube link here), and it has got me thinking. In an effort to actually get some blog posts going again, I’m going to break this up into chunks … Continue reading

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Propellant Depot Policy Thoughts

I’ve written a lot about the technical and business implications of propellant depots, and I realized I ought to discuss some of my thoughts on the the public policy side of propellant depots. On one hand, I think that propellant … Continue reading

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Discussion of Dr. Griffin’s STA Comments on ESAS

I’ve had several people in several places ask me if I was going to do a point-by-point rebuttal of Mike Griffin’s comments to the STA this week (for reference the text of his comments is available here). While I don’t … Continue reading

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I Wish That Were The Only Problem…

Tankmodeler, a friend and regular here at Selenian Boondocks, mentioned something in a comment to Ken’s last post that I think deserves some mention: [T]he one absolutely key stumbling block is ownership of Lunar mineral rights. No-one is going anywhere … Continue reading

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