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Baroness Worthington at the US Space and Rocket Center

Several weeks ago Baroness Bryony Worthington of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom came to visit Flibe Energy in Huntsville, and as we in Huntsville are wont to do, we took her to the US Space and Rocket … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Jeff’s Talk Part 1: Subeconomic Resources

I finally got around to watching Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk last night (youtube link here), and it has got me thinking. In an effort to actually get some blog posts going again, I’m going to break this up into chunks … Continue reading

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Another Fun Comment

Here’s another fun, somewhat provocative comment, made by a member of aRocket: All of this discussion assumes that space exploration is, of itself, a valuable goal. ¬†As I see it, the only real deliverable of space exploration is that it … Continue reading

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FWIW: My thoughts on Nautilus-X MMSEV

I know all of you have been just dying to hear what I think about the Nautilus-X MMSEV vehicle that’s been discussed all over the blogosphere in recent days. Ok, probably not, but I figured I ought to get my … Continue reading

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Save U-233, explore space video

The video presentation of the TechTalk I gave at Google on January 13th is available:

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Notes from Josh Hopkins’ LM “Plymouth Rock” Presentation (8 Dec 2010)

A couple of weeks back, I got an invitation from Josh Hopkins (a friend of mine from Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Programs group) to attend a colloquium he was going to be presenting at up at SwRI’s Boulder office. It turns … Continue reading

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