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Why Not Just Fund the Program of Record?

Amid all the recent discussion of the Augustine Committee’s results, Mark Whittington asks a question that a lot of people in Congress seem to be asking: “Why not just pay for the current program since any new program is going … Continue reading

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Paging Senator Shelby

…I know there’s sometimes some confusion about names, but I’m pretty sure NASA isn’t short for Northern Alabama Space Administration. Someone ought to point that out to our Mr. Shelby.

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Fascinating Article

I was reading my RSS feeds tonight, when I stumbled on this article.  I remember discussing this concept of cycles of history with both my mom, and my brother-in-law.  Jame’s Delong’s description of the “Special Interest State” I think fits … Continue reading

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9/11 Changed Everything

Am I the only one who notices the eerie similarities between the debate over the current “stimulus” bill and the run-up to the Iraq War?  The same drumbeat of propaganda coming from the press.  The same repeated warnings of imminent … Continue reading

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Space Policy Recognition Lag

There was an interesting piece about foreign policy linked to by one of the blogs I read on a regular basis (can’t remember who now). The piece was talking about the delay between when changes to the global order happen, … Continue reading

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The Best Way for Bad (Space) Policy to Triumph…

It’s been interesting watching the space corner of the blogosphere during the last several months. Many of my friends in the space advocacy community tend to support the Republican side of things, and it was sad to see how many … Continue reading

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ITAR and Immigration

Immigration is one of those topics that I don’t like to think about, because the current mess we have in this country tends to just get me depressed.  Earlier today, I saw a flowchart from Reason’s October 2008 issue showing … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, on the Texas political front…

by guest blogger Ken While Jon is trying to keep the politics to a minimum out here in the Selenian Boondocks (and so I now owe him several space-related posts), this is a little something that you’re not likely to … Continue reading

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The Ratchet Effect

Robert Higgs, author of the libertarian work Crisis and Leviathan, explained one of my key issues with “temporary powers” granted to government in times of emergencies: One aspect of my model, however, has received relatively little notice, although I have … Continue reading

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Depressing Humor for the Day: AIG Edition

Jim Henley hit it on the head (again): My kids bought me an insurance company! Sweet children: they don’t even have jobs yet. I’m really looking forward to helping pick up the tab for the past several decades worth of … Continue reading

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