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I Think I’ve Found a Political Windmill Worth Tilting At

I usually try to keep partisan politics to a tolerable minimum on this blog, and I still intend to. But I had a crazy idea that I wanted to share somewhere other than Twitter. This year, a significant fraction of … Continue reading

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Light Reading Recommendations for House CJS Appropriators

Some tweeted comments from the recent House Commerce, Justice, and Science budget markup meeting gave me some ideas for light reading for our esteemed House Appropriators. Specifically, Jeff Foust (@jeff_foust) of SpaceNews tweeted that: CJS subcommittee chair Rep. Culberson: bill … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal: the COTS Approach to SLS/Orion

I came up with an interesting new idea based on the recent press conferences about the successful completion of NASA’s COTS program, Bigelow’s report on the study they did on commercial lunar development, and the SLS/Orion developers discussion of “Removing … Continue reading

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I’ve already vented some of my opinions on Twitter, but I figured that for the record, it was worth stating on my blog how asinine I think the current push for war in Syria is. The number of innocents who … Continue reading

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Random Political Observations: Bad Men vs. Bad Policies

I usually try to avoid non-space political posts when I can, especially when I’ve been blogging so infrequently on what I consider to be the core focus of Selenian Boondocks. But, it’s silly season in America right now, and I … Continue reading

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Random Observation on SEC Accredited Investor Rules and the Top 1%

I was reading an interesting article the other day that had to do with the OWS movement giving some data on the background of the “top 1%” and the “top 0.5%”.  Can’t say I agree with everything in this article, … Continue reading

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The ITAR/Immigration Bifecta of Suck

I know I’ve written about this topic before, but I think it’s worth bringing it up again. When you combine the stupidity of ITAR as it exists with the difficulty of getting even a green-card for your typical foreign engineering … Continue reading

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Amusing Observation: SpaceX and HEFT Report Page 38

So, a group of rocket engineers starts making claims about how they’re going to revolutionize the industry and deliver a vehicle for far less than has been the traditional norm. When asked how they are going to do this, they … Continue reading

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Surrender in Space?

I know I shouldn’t take anything Mark Whittington writes seriously, but I want to write about a stupid meme that smarter people than Mark have also been bandying about–that somehow Obama’s budget proposal would surrender our leadership in space to … Continue reading

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SpaceX Prediction

I predict that regardless of the outcome of SpaceX’s inaugural Falcon 9 launch, nobody is going to change their opinion. If it’s successful, Ares-huggers will suddenly begin to understand the concept that a single successful flight doesn’t prove anything about … Continue reading

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