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PhD Dissertation Idea: NEO Trade Network Analysis

Frequently I wish I could afford to have a personal orbital dynamics minion that I could have run analyses for me whenever I have a complex orbital dynamics question and would like to test my intuition. Unfortunately, Altius isn’t successful … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Something ARM-like Is Worth Doing

[Up-front Disclaimer: My space startup is being paid under the Asteroid Redirect Mission BAA to do a study contract on one possible way to do the Option B mission. Even though we’re not dependent on follow-on work, I figured it … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: A Change of Heart in NEO Size of Interest?

I’ve been following the various twists and turns in NASA and private interest in NEOs for a few years, ever since the Flexible Path concept was suggested by the Augustine Committee. While I’ve always been of the opinion that the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Asteroids and Money-Mouth Co-location

With yesterday’s meteorite impact in Russia, I’ve seen several clever tweets featuring this clever picture: But to me, meteor impacts today are nature’s way of asking “Have you thought about donating to the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel Mission lately?” Most serious … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Jeff’s Talk Part 1: Subeconomic Resources

I finally got around to watching Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk last night (youtube link here), and it has got me thinking. In an effort to actually get some blog posts going again, I’m going to break this up into chunks … Continue reading

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HEFT Frustrations Venting

So, most of you in the space policy world have heard about NASA’s report back to Congress about how it wants to build an Ares-V classic HLV, but that Congress wasn’t giving them enough time or money, and Congress’ dignified … Continue reading

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Why Not Just Fund the Program of Record?

Amid all the recent discussion of the Augustine Committee’s results, Mark Whittington asks a question that a lot of people in Congress seem to be asking: “Why not just pay for the current program since any new program is going … Continue reading

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Forehead Smacking Moments: NEO Delta-V Misunderstanding

This is kind of embarrasing to admit, but I had a long-time misconception about the delta-V requirements for reaching NEOs.  A long time ago, I read some figure for delta-V requirements for earth-crossing asteroids.  The figure was ridiculously low, something … Continue reading

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