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Random Thoughts/Rocket Legos: Masten Xephr as a Vulcan SRB Replacement?

I’m sick at home today, so had extra time to think about fun technical concepts, so here’s an interesting one to think about. Right now, ULA’s plans for Vulcan include using expendable Orbital ATK GEM 63XL sold strapon boosters to … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: RLVs and Megaconstellations

Last month I was out in Washington DC for a satellite industry conference (the 2017 Satellite Show). My startup has been working on a cool satellite servicing related project that I need to blog about soon, and we were out … Continue reading

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While some of you may have known for a while, I think that Clark may have surprised a lot of readers when he pointed out the news that I was no longer a part of the Masten team. I am … Continue reading

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Masten and XCOR NASA Lander Strategic Relationship

I had to keep this under wraps until this morning, but it’s now formal: May 25th, 2010, Mojave, CA, USA: XCOR Aerospace and Masten Space Systems, two of the leaders in the New Space sector, have announced a strategic business … Continue reading

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Xoie in the Wind

Here’s an old video from our 195s tethered flight the day before our NGLLC Level 2 competition slot.  Winds gusting past 30 knots, and it’s still rock solid.  If you count tethered flights, I think it’s the longest duration VTVL … Continue reading

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Latest Masten Update

Dave just wrote the latest Masten Update over on our MSS Project Blog.  The update goes over some of our plans for the new year.  Hopefully I’ll have something more to talk about soon.

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Space 2009 Papers

I only have a few minutes tonight, but part of what’s been keeping me busy lately has been two Space 2009 papers I’ve been involved with (one as the primary author, and another as a very minor coauthor). First, the … Continue reading

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Light Blogging: The Continuing Excuses Continue…

So, I got my big propellant depot paper done in time, but now I have some other stuff that will probably keep me from posting much for a while:

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Random Thoughts: Pre-Depot 2-Launch Manned Missions Using L2 Swingby

Ok, two weeks ago, I mentioned that the “pre-depot” dual EELV launch concept my friend had passed to me could be adapted to do manned lunar missions.  Lunar missions are a lot easier to close if you assume a depot … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!

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