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Official Altius EAR and ITAR NPRM Comments

Ok, this’ll be my last blog post on the ITAR and EAR NPRMs. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now uploaded my official comments to the EAR NPRM over on the Altius Blog. I’ll update this post … Continue reading

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Comments Plan for the USML Category XV Revision and the Associated EAR Additions

In preparing my comments to the State and Commerce Department NPRMs revising the US Munitions List Category XV and creating the Commerce Control List ECCNs for items thus moved off the USML (comments are due on the 8th of July), … Continue reading

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Hopefully Helpful Suggestions for Commenting on the USML Category XV Notice of Proposed Rule Making

This afternoon, I had the chance to attend a roundtable hosted by the law firm that Altius uses (Bryan Cave HRO), where we discussed many of the various things that are happening in the Export Control Reform arena. I realized … Continue reading

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Duty Calls: ITAR, USML, and NPRMs (Oh My!)

Those of you who have been following the NewSpace field for a while have probably heard plenty of griping about ITAR (the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations). Basically, ITAR handles the “export” of “defense articles” and “defense services”. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

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Will the HLPT Reports Be Made Publicly Available?

Last year NASA put out a solicitation for companies to perform exploration architecture tradestudies incorporating Heavy Lift vehicles and potential advanced propulsion and in-space technologies. This was in support of NASA’s internal studies on the topic. I put a proposal … Continue reading

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The ITAR/Immigration Bifecta of Suck

I know I’ve written about this topic before, but I think it’s worth bringing it up again. When you combine the stupidity of ITAR as it exists with the difficulty of getting even a green-card for your typical foreign engineering … Continue reading

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