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New Link: EconLog

I just realized I didn’t have a link in my blogroll to the excellent EconLog blog, run by economists Arnold Kling, Bryan Caplan, and David Henderson. Like most engineers, I don’t let the lack of much economic training get in … Continue reading

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Random Observation on SEC Accredited Investor Rules and the Top 1%

I was reading an interesting article the other day that had to do with the OWS movement giving some data on the background of the “top 1%” and the “top 0.5%”.  Can’t say I agree with everything in this article, … Continue reading

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Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

Nothing to do with space policy or technology, but this has to be one of the most brilliant music videos I’ve ever seen: Someone actually made a rap video that I not only watched all the way through, but watched … Continue reading

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Fascinating Article

I was reading my RSS feeds tonight, when I stumbled on this article.  I remember discussing this concept of cycles of history with both my mom, and my brother-in-law.  Jame’s Delong’s description of the “Special Interest State” I think fits … Continue reading

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Inigo Montoya Moments in Economics

I just watched The Princess Bride again a couple of days ago. One of my favorite lines in the movie is when Inigo turns to Vizinni (after he said “Inconceivable!” for the bajillionth time) and says “You keep using this … Continue reading

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Keeping the “Dismal” in “The Dismal Science”

Sorry for another non-space blog post (space posts take time!)  I saw this link over on Arnold Kling’s blog, and thought it was worth sharing.  The article is reviewing a book that’s almost as old as I am: The Rise … Continue reading

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Existence of a Crisis Does Not Imply Existence of an Easy Solution

Just a quick thought on the economic situation.  A few days ago, Pat Lang (who usually blogs about military issues) had a post asking people’s opinions on whether the current economic situation was just a typical business cycle downturn, or … Continue reading

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9/11 Changed Everything

Am I the only one who notices the eerie similarities between the debate over the current “stimulus” bill and the run-up to the Iraq War?  The same drumbeat of propaganda coming from the press.  The same repeated warnings of imminent … Continue reading

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Depressing Humor for the Day: AIG Edition

Jim Henley hit it on the head (again): My kids bought me an insurance company! Sweet children: they don’t even have jobs yet. I’m really looking forward to helping pick up the tab for the past several decades worth of … Continue reading

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Orbital Access Cat Skinning Methodologies

In order to discuss the business, finance, and policy approaches for creating low cost and reliable space transportation, it helps to have an understanding of the underlying technology, in order to provide context for those discussions. It also happens to … Continue reading

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