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Paging Senator Shelby

…I know there’s sometimes some confusion about names, but I’m pretty sure NASA isn’t short for Northern Alabama Space Administration. Someone ought to point that out to our Mr. Shelby.

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Regarding “Lunar COTS”

I’ve been busy a lot lately (between this, this, this, and having friends in from out of town for the holiday), so I hadn’t had a chance until now to reply to Mark Whittington’s correspondence with me (found here).  A … Continue reading

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COTS Thoughts

I think most in the commercial space industry would agree that COTS is one of the best things the government has done to help promote commercial space in a long time.  While I think that overall this program has been … Continue reading

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Fun SpaceX Paper and Presentation

I just saw two interesting SpaceX documents linked to on The first is a paper that was presented at the Fourth Asian Space Conference back in October, and the second is a presentation from the von Braun Symposium, also … Continue reading

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ULA Propellant Depot Paper (Updated)

Here’s one other interesting paper, which was presented at the SPACE 2008 conference a few months ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was given a copy of a few of the ULA papers before the conference, but … Continue reading

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Interesting Paper on Shuttle Alternatives

Someone was digging around the ULA publications section, and stumbled on a very interesting paper I hadn’t heard about yet discussing a shuttle alternative for resupplying the space station. While I don’t agree with everything in it, it’s worth a … Continue reading

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Air-Launch Paper

Clark Lindsey has already commented on this paper, but I figured it was worth a little further discussion here, since I’ve already written a few articles about air-launched RLV ideas.  Air launch is definitely an idea I am warming up … Continue reading

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Gap Math

I’m somewhat curious about the math behind some of Griffin’s comments at the Senate Hearing today: “we are focusing initially on cargo because, I just want to be clear with everybody, we already have a mechanism for getting crews to … Continue reading

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Pay As You Go

One of the cutsie phrases that the current NASA Administration likes bandying about regarding their approach to exploration is “Pay As You Go“. Kind of like O’Keefe’s “spiral development”, this pithy phrase is the latest fad at NASA. The basic … Continue reading

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