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YHABFT: 2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition

[Note: As those of you who follow me both on this blog and on twitter (@rocketrepreneur) have probably noticed, my tweeting hasn’t been as negatively impacted by the stresses of running a startup as my blogging has. Unfortunately a side … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Human-Tended vs. Robotic Suborbital and Orbital Research

This isn’t meant to be a treatise on the topic, but an article yesterday on Citizens In Space about the benefits of Human-Tended experiments got me thinking about a chain of thought I’ve been meaning to write about for many … Continue reading

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Great Article on Biz Dev

Here was a fun article from Forbes on business development for startups (“Biz Dev is a Clever Name for Dirty Work“). My favorite quote: I get the impression, from a lot of these biz dev’ers, that they think of biz … Continue reading

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QOTD: Entrepreneurship Version

It takes slightly crazy people to make big changes. These same people generally have tough lives. It’s a lifestyle choice. –Iain McClatchie (who runs the  Ambivalent Engineer blog)

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Random Observation on SEC Accredited Investor Rules and the Top 1%

I was reading an interesting article the other day that had to do with the OWS movement giving some data on the background of the “top 1%” and the “top 0.5%”.  Can’t say I agree with everything in this article, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Jeff’s Talk Part 1: Subeconomic Resources

I finally got around to watching Jeff Greason’s ISDC talk last night (youtube link here), and it has got me thinking. In an effort to actually get some blog posts going again, I’m going to break this up into chunks … Continue reading

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Servicing Iridium’s Satellite Constellation: Business Case (Part 2)–Background and Technical Challenges

Earlier this week, Colin Doughan posted the first post in what should hopefully be a fun series of posts on the business case of servicing the Iridium satellites over on his excellent Space Business Blog. As he mentioned at the … Continue reading

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The Business of Altius Space Machines

A couple of months ago, I came to a realization that many of the “gaps” impeding space commercialization could be profitably targeted right now, instead of having to develop everything in series, boostrapping up from suborbital RLVs.  While the evolutionary … Continue reading

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Suborbital Cargo Agents?

Last year, my family went out to the coast to spend the holiday with a good friend who does finance and project management work for a large aerospace company out there. We’ve been brainstorming various space business opportunities for some … Continue reading

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RLV Markets III: Counter-Intuitive Ramifications of RLV Passenger Transportation

One of the most common metrics used in discussing new launch vehicles and particularly RLVs is the price in $/lb delivered to LEO. You almost can’t have a discussion about the Space Shuttle, Saturn V, SpaceX, new commercial RLVs, or … Continue reading

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