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Introducing Taong Boondocks

FYI, I just created another blog, called Taong Boondocks, which will focus on all the non-space related topics I care about. Fair warning, I’ll be blogging about my family, hobbies, religious, political, and economic musings, etc. So if your only … Continue reading

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Insert Lame Excuse Here

Hey guys, I apologize for not getting the follow-on posts for the “Slings and Arrows” and “Venus ISRU” series put up before I got overwhelmed with SBIR silly season (and several other work projects). I’m really going to try to … Continue reading

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New Link and Blog Layout Update

Earlier today, Trent Waddington tweeted about a blog post about lunar robotics on Hop David’s blog. I’ve interacted with him on over the years, so decided to check it out. I don’t agree with everything, but it’s well worth … Continue reading

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Eating My Broccoli*

This is just a sort of public service announcement. I’ve got a lot of ideas for various blog posts right now, but I’m going to try and actually exert a little self-discipline, and finish up with the Venus ISRU series … Continue reading

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I was just looking at the sitemeter for the blog, and realized we had just passed the 500,000 views point sometime last month. I also realized that the 8th anniversary of starting Selenian Boondocks passed on the 16th of last … Continue reading

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Some Blog Post Topics for 2013 (Updated 1/2/13)

Last month, while in the middle of a technical writing project for work, I tweeted a list of a few blog posts I wanted to write sometime in the near future, and asked some friends to nag me occasionally until … Continue reading

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Space Access 2012 Thoughts

I’m still in the process of recuperating from Space Access and the long drive home from Phoenix, but I wanted to give a few thoughts on this year’s conference.  I’ve now been going to Space Access for a full decade … Continue reading

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QOTD: Entrepreneurship Version

It takes slightly crazy people to make big changes. These same people generally have tough lives. It’s a lifestyle choice. –Iain McClatchie (who runs the  Ambivalent Engineer blog)

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New Link: EconLog

I just realized I didn’t have a link in my blogroll to the excellent EconLog blog, run by economists Arnold Kling, Bryan Caplan, and David Henderson. Like most engineers, I don’t let the lack of much economic training get in … Continue reading

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Whenever I’m stuck in proposal writing hell, I tend to come up with all sorts of fun ideas for blog posts. But my inner adult likes reminding me “if you have the mental bandwidth to be doing creative writing, you … Continue reading

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