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Blog Links Updated

Ben Brockert in comments pointed out that with the server switch, now might be a good time to clean out and refresh the blog links, seeing as how about half of them were for companies that had been out of … Continue reading

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Blog Migration Completed

I mentioned in a blog post last month that we’d be migrating the domain name registrar and site hosting. We’ve now completed the process, and as far as I can tell everything migrated correctly. If any of you see any … Continue reading

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Blog Maintenance

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a quick note that over the next day or so, we’ll be migrating our domain name registrar and hosting service. In theory, you shouldn’t actually notice anything on this or my other blog … Continue reading

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Hey guys, just FYI at Chris’s request (and with some help from Mike Mealling), I updated the website to add SSL encryption and use https instead of http. Apparently, Chrome is about to start giving people warnings if they visit … Continue reading

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2H15 A Good Time for Geeking Out

I have to say the last half of this year is a great time to be a space/sci-fi/RPG nerd: July: New Horizons successfully completes Pluto Flyby August: Shadowrun HongKong by HareBrained Schemes comes out September: HareBrained Schemes planning to launch … Continue reading

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New Blogger: Chris Stelter

With several of the original bloggers now off doing their own thing, and John Hare and me so busy running our own businesses, I decided to invite someone new to join the ranks of Selenian Boondocks bloggers–Chris Stelter. Chris is … Continue reading

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The Best of Selenian Boondocks’ First 10 Years

June 16th this year was the 10 year anniversary of starting Selenian Boondocks. It’s been a great 10 years. We’ve had a lot of good contributors, including myself, Ken Murphy, Kirk Sorensen, and last but definitely not least, John Hare. … Continue reading

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Goff Family Vacation 2015

We’re about to head out on a two week road-trip/vacation–the longest vacation we’ve done as a family since I started Altius in 2010. Here’s our planned route map: We’re talking about 3500 miles, not counting any driving around at our … Continue reading

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Bleg: Favorite Selenian Boondocks Articles/Series

I already did my “real” post for tonight, so I feel ok about posting something more “administrivia”. If you had to pick a few of your all-time favorite Selenian Boondocks posts or series, which would they be? What is your … Continue reading

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Halfway Through the 10th Anniversary “Month of Blogging”

Some people were commenting on how there was a lot of blog traffic on Selenian Boondocks lately. I had mentioned my plan last month, in this post, but to recap, the 16th of June is the 10th anniversary for Selenian … Continue reading

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