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Random Thought: NASA Externships as an Alternative to “Training-Wheels” Intramural R&D?

[Here’s one last draft I’ve found to polish off–this one only from a year ago. It’s a little bit of a touch subject–I’m not trying to denigrate what the NASA teams mentioned in this post were doing, just trying to … Continue reading

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What Motivates Us?

Along the lines of lessons from religion that I think may have strong utility for secular life as well is the concept of what motivates us, and the thought that some types of motivations are better than others. If you’re … Continue reading

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Startups and Family Relations: An Analogy

[Editor’s Note: I’ve been digging through old blog drafts a lot lately in my effort to find topics I can write about to keep up the blog-a-day pace while still leaving at least some time for a life. This blog … Continue reading

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Space Tourism Musings

My post on Wednesday about Passengers as an RLV market got me thinking about the old Futron Space Tourism study from 2002. Background on the Futron 2002 Space Tourism Market Study If you’re relatively new to the space scene, this … Continue reading

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Year of the Pip

Today is our youngest son’s first birthday. His real name is Andrew Peregrin Goff, with Peregrin spelled like the hobbit from Lord of the Rings, but everyone pretty much calls him “Pip”. He’s one of the happiest, most laughy kids … Continue reading

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RLV Markets V: Additional Thoughts on Passengers–Divisibility and Elasticity

[Note: While digging through unfinished blog post drafts, I found this one from April 2009. I think this was originally supposed to be the third in the series, but is now the fifth. While the series doesn’t exactly flow, and … Continue reading

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Halfway Through the 10th Anniversary “Month of Blogging”

Some people were commenting on how there was a lot of blog traffic on Selenian Boondocks lately. I had mentioned my plan last month, in this post, but to recap, the 16th of June is the 10th anniversary for Selenian … Continue reading

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SLS, Shuttle, and The Danger of the “No Payloads” Argument

I’m not a particularly big fan of NASA’s SLS. Anyone paying attention with even a shred of self-honesty can tell that two of the primary reasons why Congress forced NASA to build SLS were to preserve and enlarge payrolls at … Continue reading

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Some Recent Family Pictures

I ran out of time to do my blog-a-day post on a technical topic today, so I’m falling back to some family pictures. I noticed I didn’t have a good picture of Jonny or me, but here’s a few fun … Continue reading

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