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Taong Boondocks Post on Answers to Prayers

Tonight’s blog-a-day post, being a Sunday, is a religious piece on Taong Boondocks about answers to prayers. Once again, if you’re not interested in religious things, you might want to just come back tomorrow–I should have some more spacey goodness … Continue reading

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RLV Markets Part IV: Why Small May Be Beautiful

With the progress SpaceX has been making with trying to recover their F9R first stage, and their concepts for Mars Colonial Transport, BFRs, and 4000 satellite constellations, a lot of the industry has been fixated on very larger RLVs. I … Continue reading

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Why the Moon?

In spite of my interest in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, I’m still a firm believer that the Moon has a major role to play in space settlement. While Mars and Venus (at the cloud level) may have atmospheres more conducive … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: µ-xGRF

I’ve previously blogged a few times about Kirk Sorensen’s xGRF (variable Gravity Research Facility) concept as a way to answer the critical questions of how humans respond to hypogravity. Kirk’s concept involved a lab spacecraft and counterweight connected by a … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Prospector Demonstration Video

At work, Bill Bolton has been working on a movie of our Prospector demonstration (with enough annotations and captions to understand what is going on). I’ll be doing a more detailed blog post on the Altius Space Machines website sometime … Continue reading

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Boomerang Air-Launched TSTO RLV Concept (Part I)

Back when I left Masten to start Altius, I originally thought I was starting a launch vehicle company focused on reusable nanosat launchers. While we pivoted away from that to focus on space robotics, I’ve continued to dabble with a … Continue reading

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Peter Jeffris

While Memorial Day is technically a day to honor those who’ve died fighting for our country, this memorial day is also almost six months to the week since Altius lost a member of its small team, Peter Jeffris, to a … Continue reading

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My Mom’s Homeschool Training Site: Mentoring Our Own

I was talking with my parents tonight and realized that a good topic for a Sunday post would be to introduce my mom’s company’s new website: Mentoring Our Own. My mom’s company is about teaching and mentoring new homeschooling parents, … Continue reading

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More EGT Musings: ISRU Propellants

One of the ideas I had been thinking of blogging about was the thought of augmenting EGT asteroid deflection with in-situ derived propellants. The gravitation attraction force is usually the bottleneck in how fast you can do an asteroid deflection, … Continue reading

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Random ULA Thoughts

[Disclaimer: My current company and former company have both done work with ULA. In fact, we just started another small IRAD project with ULA. We’ve also done work with SpaceX in the past, but our current work with ULA is … Continue reading

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