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Capsule Que Pasa

I was jolted a bit when I read the amounts and requirements for commercial crew last week. Not that Boeing got more than SpaceX, but rather that $6.8B is budgeted for a developing a couple of commercial capsules to fly … Continue reading

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CCtCap and Blue Origin/ULA Article on SST

I just did a guest post on the Sic Semper Tyrannis blog on the CCtCap and Blue Origin/ULA announcements. They’re aimed at people less familiar with space news than most Selenian Boondocks readers, but I figured I’d link to it … Continue reading

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VTSL Vehicle

I got into a discussion the other day about the Blue Origin/SpaceX barge landing issue. I suggested that it was very difficult to write such a comprehensive patent that there was no way to design around the restrictions. As an … Continue reading

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Asymmetrical Payload Boost

Paul451 made a suggestion on the last post that triggered a thought on boosting payloads on many current vehicles at a reasonable cost. I claim 50% credit for this concept with Paul getting the rest. He suggested that the tanks … Continue reading

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