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Falcon FLOC IX Rediculously Heavy

I should probably quit picking on the Falcons, but the possibilities are too much fun to leave alone. In January of 2008, Jon posted an article on Fleet Launched Orbital Craft, or FLOC. In  the article, it is suggested that … Continue reading

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DARPA Experimental SpacePlane 1 (XS-1) Program (Updated)

Over on twitter today, Jeff Foust (@jeff_foust) reported on a new reusable rocket project that will be starting in DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office (TTO) next month. Rumor has it that Jess Sponable, the former Program Manager for the DC-X project, … Continue reading

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NewSpace Student Business Plan Competition

I was pinged last night by the project manager for this year’s NewSpace Student Business Plan Competition (as opposed to the non-student “NewSpace Business Plan Competition” I just blogged about a week or two ago), asking if I could put … Continue reading

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Paperback now Available on Amazon

The Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912 is now available in paperback at Amazon. I just copied the page address for a cut and paste below because I never learned to  insert regular links into posts. The $10.00 … Continue reading

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Centaur UnCrasher Stages for Simplified Lunar Landings [Updated 11:35pm MDT 9/4/13]

[Editor’s Note: I was recently pinged by a friend on about an “UnCrasher” lunar lander architecture concept I had written about a few years ago. I went to point him to a blog post on the idea, when I … Continue reading

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