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YHABFT: RD-180 Sales Ban Rumor, A-Com, and FY11 Budget Request HLV Propulsion

The RD-180 Sales Ban Rumor As some of you probably saw on twitter last night, Russia Today ran a piece claiming that Russia was mulling a sales ban on the RD-180 rocket engine to the US (h/t Jeff Foust). For … Continue reading

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I’ve already vented some of my opinions on Twitter, but I figured that for the record, it was worth stating on my blog how asinine I think the current push for war in Syria is. The number of innocents who … Continue reading

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YHABFT: 3D Printing + Centrifugal Investment Casting

One of my employees at Altius Space Machines recently bought a $600 3D printer (A SolidDoodle 3D Printer, 2nd Generation, Pro Model), and we’re hoping in a few months to add a ~$3k B9 Creator as well. I’ve been following … Continue reading

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YHABFT: 2013 NewSpace Business Plan Competition

[Note: As those of you who follow me both on this blog and on twitter (@rocketrepreneur) have probably noticed, my tweeting hasn’t been as negatively impacted by the stresses of running a startup as my blogging has. Unfortunately a side … Continue reading

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