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Recovery Chopper IX

One of the objections to my Netting IX post was that there were very few or possibly no existing helicopters capable of carrying a recovered Falcon IV stage to a safe landing even if it were possible to catch the … Continue reading

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Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912 available on Kindle

The ebook “Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912” is available on Kindle now for $3.99. Paperback will be available in September for $8.00-$10.00 depending on publishing and other costs. There are 26 articles on 135 pages on mostly … Continue reading

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Official Altius EAR and ITAR NPRM Comments

Ok, this’ll be my last blog post on the ITAR and EAR NPRMs. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve now uploaded my official comments to the EAR NPRM over on the Altius Blog. I’ll update this post … Continue reading

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Comments Plan for the USML Category XV Revision and the Associated EAR Additions

In preparing my comments to the State and Commerce Department NPRMs revising the US Munitions List Category XV and creating the Commerce Control List ECCNs for items thus moved off the USML (comments are due on the 8th of July), … Continue reading

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I was just looking at the sitemeter for the blog, and realized we had just passed the 500,000 views point sometime last month. I also realized that the 8th anniversary of starting Selenian Boondocks passed on the 16th of last … Continue reading

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