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Exploration Living Volume

This one is in response to an ongoing discussion about the pressurized volume in the various deep space exploration architectures. Apparently an Orion will provide  sufficient crew volume for extended missions while a Dragon will not in many peoples minds. … Continue reading

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Netting IX

With the upcoming attempts to simulate a landing over water with the Falcon IX first stage comes a possible opportunity to expedite actual re-usability.  It just might be possible to grab a stage that has reached zero velocity over the … Continue reading

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I made the mistake of reading about a Senate Commerce “hearing” held today regarding NASA’s human spaceflight plans. While some of the points made I actually agree with, one of the witnesses (Steve Cook of Dynetics) made an argument that … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: A Change of Heart in NEO Size of Interest?

I’ve been following the various twists and turns in NASA and private interest in NEOs for a few years, ever since the Flexible Path concept was suggested by the Augustine Committee. While I’ve always been of the opinion that the … Continue reading

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Lunar Rover Power

Powering a rover through the two week lunar night is receiving a bit of attention. Most of the attention seems to be on better batteries and thermal control with some suggesting that nuclear is the only reasonable option for such … Continue reading

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Space Access Ride

I’m flying into Phoenix at 9:00 AM on Thursday 11 April for Space Access. If anyone is leaving the airport for the conference about that time I would be glad to pay for the ride. 863-206-0794

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Redneck Rocket Test

I finally did a kludgy  test Saturday with one of my engine concepts. Several years ago I posted some ideas here about pump impellers that were also regenerative cooled turbines running a full flow staged combustion cycle. I kinda sorta … Continue reading

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