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Gravity Tractor Doh

Due to the lasting nature of communicating on these various internet sites, I am on record in several places as saying that gravity tractors for moving asteroids are stupid. I could see no way that gravitational attraction between an asteroid … Continue reading

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Moving Regolith

  Quite often some form of bulldozer on the moon or Mars to dig ores or cover habitats is suggested. There seems to be a meme out there that the best way to move sandy gravely material is similar to … Continue reading

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Isogrid Spiral Welded Tanks

    After following a discussion on ARocket for the last few weeks, I had a thought on building propellant tanks that is mostly a combination of other peoples’ ideas. John Carmack made a good case for spiral welded propellant … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Asteroids and Money-Mouth Co-location

With yesterday’s meteorite impact in Russia, I’ve seen several clever tweets featuring this clever picture: But to me, meteor impacts today are nature’s way of asking “Have you thought about donating to the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel Mission lately?” Most serious … Continue reading

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