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Beamed Propulsion and Cubesats

john hare Watching Jonathons’ video presentation on micro depots for very small satellites even before servicing large satellites or manned vehicles, and reading a few articles on electric propulsion triggered a thought, or possibly just a memory of something suggested … Continue reading

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Someone is Wrong on the Internet!

And ironically, it’s XKCD What-if that is wrong. Well, not wrong by commission, but wrong by omission. First off, I’m a huge fan of both XKCD (well the 98% of their comic strips that are SFJ) and XKCD-What If. If … Continue reading

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Scooby-Doo Ending

I’ve noticed a meme over the past years that NASA would be able to accomplish more if it didn’t keep getting its direction changed every time a new President comes in, or every time there is a shakeup in Congress. … Continue reading

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NewSpace 2012 Space Architectures Panel

I didn’t realize till I saw it on, but apparently the panel I was on at NewSpace 2012 is now up on youtube, so I figured I would share. My piece runs from about the 8min mark till around … Continue reading

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Trans Mars Injection

john hare   Rand Simberg (Transterrestrial Musings)posted a few concepts for mars missions the other day involving refueling at various interplanetary depots with attendant advantages. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite grasp the advantages compared to other depot scenarios in more  conventional … Continue reading

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