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Anchor Tenancy

Keith Cowing posted an interesting notice over on SpaceRef today. Basically NASA is using authority in one bill to remove a restriction in their acquisition regulations on doing “anchor tenant” type contracts. Anchor tenancy agreements have been talked about in … Continue reading

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Congrats on Taking the Plunge

I just read today that Selenian Boondocks coblogger, Kirk Sorensen, just stepped down as Chief Nuclear Technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering to start his own company, Flibe Energy, focused on commercializing his LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) technology. Way to … Continue reading

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Propellant Depot Heads Up

It probably won’t happen too soon, but I give a little heads up on this Altius Space Machines blog post about some depot orbital dynamics work I’m working with a friend on. Hope I have time to talk about it … Continue reading

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