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Fascinating New Propellant Depot Architecture Paper

Keith Cowing just posted a link to a fascinating new pro-Propellant Depot analysis. I was impressed to see who the second coauthor was… When you have one of the leaders of ESAS coming out in favor of propellant depots and … Continue reading

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XCOR/ULA Aluminum Rocket Nozzle Announcement

I’ve been too busy to do much blogging lately, but I just saw this on twitter a bit over an hour ago: XCOR and ULA Demonstrate Revolutionary Rocket Engine Nozzle Technology, and wanted to make some comments. First off, I … Continue reading

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Solar Thermal Power

occasional blogger john hare I have├é┬álistened to some doomsday energy crap (gas $5.00 gallon and more forever, Japanese nuclear devastation, etc) in the last few weeks that started me thinking of alternatives again. It may be possible that one of … Continue reading

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