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Another Fun Comment

Here’s another fun, somewhat provocative comment, made by a member of aRocket: All of this discussion assumes that space exploration is, of itself, a valuable goal.  As I see it, the only real deliverable of space exploration is that it … Continue reading

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Good Quote from Rep. Hall

From NASAWatch/Spaceref: “While it is true that prudent investments in science and technology will almost certainly yield future economic gains and will allow our knowledge economy to grow, it is also true that these gains can be thwarted by poor … Continue reading

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The ITAR/Immigration Bifecta of Suck

I know I’ve written about this topic before, but I think it’s worth bringing it up again. When you combine the stupidity of ITAR as it exists with the difficulty of getting even a green-card for your typical foreign engineering … Continue reading

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“Commercial” STS Modest Proposal

So, according to Rob Coppinger, USA has proposed to operate the Shuttle “commercially” as part of their CCDEV proposal. For a cool, $1.5B/yr over the next six years, they’ll provide two shuttle flights per year. Personally, I think this is … Continue reading

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400,000 Visits

Wow. Selenian Boondocks officially passed the 400,000 site visits mark sometime this afternoon. For a blog mostly focused on such a small niche topic (space technology, politics, and business), it’s kind of cool to reach a milestone like this. Thanks … Continue reading

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Amusing Observation: SpaceX and HEFT Report Page 38

So, a group of rocket engineers starts making claims about how they’re going to revolutionize the industry and deliver a vehicle for far less than has been the traditional norm. When asked how they are going to do this, they … Continue reading

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New Posts on the ASM Update Blog

FWIW, there’s new blog posts on what we’ve been up to at ASM over the last few months, and on some validation on our concept for doing an ISS micro reentry vehicle.

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