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FWIW: My thoughts on Nautilus-X MMSEV

I know all of you have been just dying to hear what I think about the Nautilus-X MMSEV vehicle that’s been discussed all over the blogosphere in recent days. Ok, probably not, but I figured I ought to get my … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: DCSS-Derived Dual-Fluid Depot

I was somewhat surprised that my earlier Dual-Fluid Depot post generated as much interest as it did.  I didn’t think there were many people who cared about depots who hadn’t read any of the papers by Frank Zegler, Bernard Kutter, … Continue reading

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Save U-233, explore space video

The video presentation of the TechTalk I gave at Google on January 13th is available:

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Dual-Fluid Single-Launch Propellant Depots

[Note: Welcome AIAA Daily Launch readers!  Feel free to check out other posts on propellant depots, as well as the Altius Space Machines blog where I talk about what my current company is up to.] I was going to write … Continue reading

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Aerojet wants SLS Booster Contract Competed

If they follow through with their intent mentioned earlier today to try and force an honest competition for the SLS booster system, that’s great news.  One of my single biggest pet peeves about CxP was that NASA, behind closed doors, … Continue reading

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HEFT Frustrations Venting

So, most of you in the space policy world have heard about NASA’s report back to Congress about how it wants to build an Ares-V classic HLV, but that Congress wasn’t giving them enough time or money, and Congress’ dignified … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Hopefully Coming to an End (and 2010 review)

This last week ended a rather crazy, but rewarding, year for me personally.  Just a quick recap on what’s been going on my goofy world over the past year (some dates approximate–my current Journal only goes back to Apr 28th, … Continue reading

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Implementing a Small Centrifugal Module

If some investigation is done that supports the use of a high rpm/small diameter module to promote health, then the question of cost and schedule becomes important. I think an early economical method might be to reuse an expendable upper stage that … Continue reading

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Small Centrifuge Exercise

One of the sticking point of long duration missions to other planets is the bone and muscle loss during extended periods in free fall. Using very small centrifuges to simulate gravity has the problem of causing motion sickness with 3 … Continue reading

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