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Servicing Iridium’s Satellite Constellation: Business Case (Part 2)–Background and Technical Challenges

Earlier this week, Colin Doughan posted the first post in what should hopefully be a fun series of posts on the business case of servicing the Iridium satellites over on his excellent Space Business Blog. As he mentioned at the … Continue reading

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What are the Odds?

Someone at dug up the predictions thread for 2010 that I apparently started on New Year’s Eve a year ago… Here were my predictions: What I think will likely happen in 2010: 1- ISS will be extended to … Continue reading

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Space Show Appearance This Afternoon

Just a last second reminder that I’m going to be on The Space Show this afternoon (2-3:30pm PST), talking with Dr. Livingston about my new company and what we’re up to (including info about our SBIR award).  If there’s extra … Continue reading

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Notes from Josh Hopkins’ LM “Plymouth Rock” Presentation (8 Dec 2010)

A couple of weeks back, I got an invitation from Josh Hopkins (a friend of mine from Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Programs group) to attend a colloquium he was going to be presenting at up at SwRI’s Boulder office. It turns … Continue reading

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