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More Posting Coming Soon

Apologies again for the light posting, but I think things are going to improve soon. I’ll hopefully be on payroll here at Altius soon, so blogging both on the ASM Blog and here on Selenian Boondocks will be higher priorities. … Continue reading

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Urdeneta City Philippines LDS Temple Announced

This isn’t space related, but I wanted to mention this anyway. After all, the “boondocks” in Selenian Boondocks is a reference to my time I spent in the Philippines as an LDS missionary (boondocks is an Americanized version of the … Continue reading

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Tech Patriots and Dana Rohrabacher

This isn’t the newest of news, but I’ve been pretty busy lately so I’m trying to catch up on the blogging. Anyhow, a few weeks back, I found out that there is a movement to try and help Dana Rohrbacher … Continue reading

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SSI Conference

For those of you who read Selenian Boondocks, but don’t read Hobbyspace (I’m sure there’s at least two of your out there), I wanted to mention the SSI Space Manufacturing Conference this month on the 29th-31st, at the NASA Ames … Continue reading

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ASM Updates Blog and First Contract News

Hey guys, I finally got the update blog setup over on the Altius Space Machines site. The site still needs a lot of work, but I’ve always been one to try and put content over style. There’s a post there … Continue reading

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