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Mars Colonization Poll

I saw a comment by Jim Davis over on that made me want to do a poll about real attitudes towards Mars colonization.  Let me give some background thoughts, the questions, then some rules for comments. First off, Jim’s … Continue reading

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Silver Lining

guest blogger john hare One good thing about the current congress/senate/president funding mess is that we won’t have to listen to as many cranks start their rocket development plan with, “First we convince the president.”

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Privately Funded Observatories an Analog for Space Exploration?

I saw on twitter that Alex MacDonald’s paper on comparing the private funding of astronomical observatories and space exploration is finally up.  It’s a fascinating read.  I met Alex at New Space conference last year, and he showed me some … Continue reading

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Cost Plus and Competition

guest blogger john hare There have been many comments over the years on many sites about cost plus being used when nobody has any idea of the costs of a project or how to bid it. This morning on Clark’s … Continue reading

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The Antibodies Won

They misnamed the bill though. Should’ve been called “Found a Pork Program (un)Worthy of its Host Nation”. I find it amusing that so many of the opponents of Obama’s proposed space plan are so happy with this, when it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Performance Attrition

guest blogger john hare Many of us have complained from time to time about the lack of true progress from NASA even while agreeing that there are a lot of very smart motivated people in the agency. It would be … Continue reading

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Beyond LEO

guest blogger john hare There is a fairly constant murmur that commercial space will not go beyond LEO and more mumbling that there must be a specific destination with a specific timeline. The second mumbling assumes that there is some top … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Likely to Continue

I really apologize for the light blogging lately. I’ve been under a lot of stress, and unfortunately I’m expecting the light blogging to continue for at least the rest of the month, and probably longer. I’m heading up to Oregon … Continue reading

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