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Developing Orbit Part 3

guest blogger john hare Recent events make it easier to describe one scenario for getting orbital costs down. This specific example almost certainly won’t happen and just stands in for the dozens of possible ways that orbit could become affordable. Masten … Continue reading

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Masten and XCOR NASA Lander Strategic Relationship

I had to keep this under wraps until this morning, but it’s now formal: May 25th, 2010, Mojave, CA, USA: XCOR Aerospace and Masten Space Systems, two of the leaders in the New Space sector, have announced a strategic business … Continue reading

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A Good Point to Remember Regarding Space Tourism Demand Numbers

Jeff, who happens to be in a really good position to know, clears up a common misconception about the Futron Space Tourism study that I’ve seen made a lot of places (including in the comments section here): This author, being … Continue reading

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7C Scaling Up To Orbit part 2

guest blogger john hare A few weeks ago I did a post on possible fantasies related to suborbital spaceflight. Some of the feedback applies to orbital flight. Some feedback I was really looking for though did not show up. One … Continue reading

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Lunar Land Grants Discussion

Over on the Space Business Blog, my good friend Colin Doughan has had a few posts discussing the concept of lunar land grants. While I haven’t had the time to read all of the comments, I do have to admit … Continue reading

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Well Said

I was going to write another article about the administration’s new NASA plan, but while catching up on email and articles from while I was in Oregon, I see that “Rusty” Schweickart already said what I wanted to. And he … Continue reading

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Biggest Bailout In History

guest blogger john hare I have not said much on the commercial take over of NASA orbital deliveries, so I thought I would lay out the timeline that I see happening. Commercial space will start sending up astronauts to ISS … Continue reading

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7B Working With Fantasies Part 1

guest blogger john hare Many of the potential spaceflight markets have been labeled fantasies along with any market that involves government money. This labeling is usually in a negative light as in, “Space tourism is a fantasy market”. The implication … Continue reading

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