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Space Access 2010 Propellant Depot Presentations

It’s been a rather interesting month so far, and I’ve been under a bit too much stress lately to blog much, but I wanted to put up some of the presentations from the Propellant Depot panel I was on at … Continue reading

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Scenerio Seven

guest blogger john hare Most concepts for the opening of space seem to fall into a few scenarios, most of which invoke the major infusions of cash and risk from one source. Some seem to be so focused on one … Continue reading

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Petey Bloggin

We’re about to head up to Utah for a family vacation, and I found this while downloading pictures off the camera:

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Surrender in Space?

I know I shouldn’t take anything Mark Whittington writes seriously, but I want to write about a stupid meme that smarter people than Mark have also been bandying about–that somehow Obama’s budget proposal would surrender our leadership in space to … Continue reading

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Heading to Space Access

Going to be heading out of town for the annual Space Access conference. With Dave out of town this week, that means I’ll either be sleeping down in Mojave tomorrow night, or riding with someone straight to Phoenix. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Hydrogen Based Polymers for Densified Propellant Storage?

I read an interesting article yesterday on Valterri Maja’s blog (Gravity Loss) about a new class of hydrogen-based materials being researched out at the University of Es sen and a few other locations. Apparently they found a method for lining … Continue reading

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