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A Tether Technology Anniversary

Rotating momentum-exchange tethers are a very exciting technology, but one of my first thoughts after being exposed to the technology was the tricky rendezvous. The space industry has spent all kinds of money and time on satellite rendezvous, and these … Continue reading

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MHD Aerobraking and Thermal Protection Part II: Atmospheric Reentry for RLVs

In this installment, I want to dig a lot deeper into the mechanics of how one might maximize the utility of MHD effects for orbital reentry. But first, I wanted to spend a few seconds discussing what is important for … Continue reading

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Suborbital Cargo Agents?

Last year, my family went out to the coast to spend the holiday with a good friend who does finance and project management work for a large aerospace company out there. We’ve been brainstorming various space business opportunities for some … Continue reading

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MHD Aerobraking and Thermal Protection Part I: Introduction

I’ve been meaning to write for a while about a rather fascinating, but not very well known, area of research that I think might have significant implications for several areas of space transportation. The research I am referring to is … Continue reading

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More Lunar One-Way-To-Stay (For-a-While) Thoughts

I’ve had a few more ideas on the Lunar One-Way-To-Stay concept that I figured it would be worth posting now before I forget them.  I still think this is pretty much the only way that there will be a human … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Game-Changing HLV/Propulsion Technologies

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged much about my reactions to the President’s NASA budget proposal is because I’ve been doing a lot of commenting over at  I just realized that my latest post could actually serve pretty … Continue reading

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Selenian Boondocks Mini-Reunion

Just wanted to mention that John Hare was in town for a visit today. Had fun trying out some proof-of-concept hardware for some of his ideas he’s blogged about over the past year or so. We also had lunch with … Continue reading

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Holy Crap! Obama’s NASA Budget Proposal is Amazing! For once in my life, I think I’m actually speechless for now.

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