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MHD Aerobraking and Thermal Protection Part II: Atmospheric Reentry for RLVs

In this installment, I want to dig a lot deeper into the mechanics of how one might maximize the utility of MHD effects for orbital reentry. But first, I wanted to spend a few seconds discussing what is important for … Continue reading

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Suborbital Cargo Agents?

Last year, my family went out to the coast to spend the holiday with a good friend who does finance and project management work for a large aerospace company out there. We’ve been brainstorming various space business opportunities for some … Continue reading

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MHD Aerobraking and Thermal Protection Part I: Introduction

I’ve been meaning to write for a while about a rather fascinating, but not very well known, area of research that I think might have significant implications for several areas of space transportation. The research I am referring to is … Continue reading

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More Lunar One-Way-To-Stay (For-a-While) Thoughts

I’ve had a few more ideas on the Lunar One-Way-To-Stay concept that I figured it would be worth posting now before I forget them.  I still think this is pretty much the only way that there will be a human … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Game-Changing HLV/Propulsion Technologies

One of the reasons I haven’t blogged much about my reactions to the President’s NASA budget proposal is because I’ve been doing a lot of commenting over at  I just realized that my latest post could actually serve pretty … Continue reading

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Selenian Boondocks Mini-Reunion

Just wanted to mention that John Hare was in town for a visit today. Had fun trying out some proof-of-concept hardware for some of his ideas he’s blogged about over the past year or so. We also had lunch with … Continue reading

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Holy Crap! Obama’s NASA Budget Proposal is Amazing! For once in my life, I think I’m actually speechless for now.

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