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Comment on Brett Alexander’s Congressional Testimony

I didn’t have a chance to watch either of the House subcommittee hearings today, so I’m grateful that Clark linked to the testimonies of the various witnesses.  I really enjoyed reading Brett’s testimony, and thought one of his points in … Continue reading

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Skribit Housecleaning: Virtual SSTO w/ Drop Tanks, Biamese Vehicles, and Sea Dragon

I want to clean out some of the Skribit suggestions that I’ve been neglecting for a while. Some of these may end up somewhat brief, but I wanted to at least try to be responsive. Drop Tanks to Enable SSTO? … Continue reading

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Some Boom Rendezvous Videos

Kirk sent me the link to these yesterday, but I didn’t have time to blog them yet.  These should hopefully give you a better idea of what we’re talking about.  If you have time, the other videos on his youtube … Continue reading

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Dubai’s Artificial Islands and Space Colonies

Reading about the financial meltdown in Dubai prompted me to do some reading on the construction of the famous artificial islands in Dubai that have so greatly increased its shoreline: Wikipedia: Palm Jumeirah Wikipedia: Palm Islands The first of these, … Continue reading

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New Blogger

Just wanted to introduce a new blogger here on Selenian Boondocks: Kirk Sorensen. The name should be familiar. Kirk is a longtime commenter here, and has been the inspiration for many of my posts (he was the one who came … Continue reading

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