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Random Thoughts: CAM in a Can?

One of the more interesting modules that was originally going to be part of ISS was the Japanese-built Centrifuge Accomodations Module (CAM).  The CAM was designed to provide the facilities for testing the impact of reduced and hypergravity–over a range … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts/Orbital Access Methodologies VII: Air-Launched Glideforward TSTO with Exo-atmospheric Suborbital Refueling

Ok, I’ve been toying with another orbital access methodology, but I wasn’t sure whether to file it under Random Thoughts (which tend to be my more half-baked, far-out ideas) or with the rest of the Orbital Access Methodologies series (which … Continue reading

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Boom-Rendezvous: A Path Not-Yet Taken

Earlier this summer, I stumbled on a fascinating paper while trying to find some quotes for my Space 2009 Propellant Depot paper.  The paper I found, Boom Rendezvous Alternative Docking Approach, written by Joseph Bonnometti of MSFC, discussed an interesting … Continue reading

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Hanging in there

I was going to be taking a well-earned vacation this week, now that the LLC stuff has wound down.  But apparently I succeeded in destroying my immune system over the past several months, and am not paying for it with … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare One of the big attractions many advocates see in space development is energy. SPS is the green unlimited power of the future, Lunar helium 3 will power fusion here on the ground, and Lunar platinum is … Continue reading

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Skribit Bypass Operation

Ok, between the trip to DC for the awards ceremony on Thursday, and taking all of next week off for a long-needed vacation, I’m not quite out of the woods yet. But after that I want to get back into … Continue reading

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Creating The Situation

guest blogger john hare Many people have a phrase they use about making things happen. ” We need to convince the president that space is crucial.” “We need to make those NASA guys do the right thing.”(Everybody having a different … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare The Lunar Lander Challenge contest has really heated up in the last week. One discussion on arocket has been, “what is the next step?” Among the suggestions are flying both legs of the level two without … Continue reading

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