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300K and Lightblogging

I noticed about a week ago (or maybe it was a year ago–I’m not really sure) that we had nearly hit 300k visitors here at Selenian Boondocks. We finally crossed that threshold yesterday. I’d like to thank all the loyal … Continue reading

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AV-017, Bubbling UFOs, and Centrifugal Settling

I’ve been so busy lately that I’m only now getting a few spare minutes to show off some rather cool pictures I was sent a week ago.  A week ago Monday, I got an email from Claire Flanagan of the … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare Many of us think about the how to get there, though we may disagree where there should be. Far less often do we discuss why, and then it frequently becomes a series of circular arguments on both … Continue reading

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Why Derived?

guest blogger john hare In the ongoing discussions about NASA’s proper direction for the future, you constantly see the phrase ‘Shuttle derived’. It is an acknowledged requirement to keep as much of the current workforce employed as possible, while forging … Continue reading

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Forehead Smacking Moments: NEO Delta-V Misunderstanding

This is kind of embarrasing to admit, but I had a long-time misconception about the delta-V requirements for reaching NEOs.  A long time ago, I read some figure for delta-V requirements for earth-crossing asteroids.  The figure was ridiculously low, something … Continue reading

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Poor Taste Humor Tuesdays: CxP Edition

This is poor taste, but too funny not to pass along (I apologize in advance to CxP workers reading this). Upon hearing about another CxP element that’s been supposedly defunded, a member (Lawntonlookirs) expressed his frustration by creating the … Continue reading

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Cheap Contest II

guest blogger john hare I did a resin cast nozzle with embedded string today to observe the effects as an air tank blew down. My intent was to start with a nozzle almost at separation and then add a boot to … Continue reading

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Smog Solar Engine

guest blogger john hare  I fail to understand the attraction of the complex nuclear and electric engines for deep space maneuvering when solar thermal promises to be so much simpler and higher performance. A few simple modifications to the normal … Continue reading

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Ares-I Ascent Reliability: Still Missing The Point

I listened in a bit on yesterday’s Augustine Committee discussion.  The debate at the end between Bo and the others reminded me of a point I’ve made a bunch of times on this blog–that when you’re talking about exploration missions, … Continue reading

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Cheap Contest Series?

guest blogger john hare The friends I know in the rocket industry are too busy running businesses and fulfilling contracts to work cheap or free on the unproven concepts that I find interesting. It has come to my attention that there … Continue reading

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