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Cheap Contest

guest blogger john hare In my last couple of posts involving gravity turns, there seems to be some legitimate doubt whether useful maneuvers can be done with Lunar gravity turns. My numbers are quite different from those obtained by others … Continue reading

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Great Question

Continuing my trend of outsourcing most of my blogging to others with more time on their hands, here’s a great question [from a guy named SpaceXULA] on You must ask yourself this question. “Given that NASA is national prestige … Continue reading

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Space 2009 Papers

I only have a few minutes tonight, but part of what’s been keeping me busy lately has been two Space 2009 papers I’ve been involved with (one as the primary author, and another as a very minor coauthor). First, the … Continue reading

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Retro Station

guest blogger john hare When posting about capturing an asteroid using a Lunar gravity turn, I realized that there is a very useful orbit there that I had not heard of. A station in retrograde orbit at altitudes similar to … Continue reading

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Deep Throttling Pump

guest blogger john hare Some time ago I learned that I could go to work for any Newspace company I wished, and work on any project I wanted to fund. So any contribution I make to this field before getting … Continue reading

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Harvesting the Asteroid

guest blogger john hare Many of my schemes bring to mind an old Far Side cartoon. Two filthy, scrawny convicts are hanging from their chains halfway up the dungeon wall. One of them says, “Now here’s my plan”. This post … Continue reading

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Common Nozzle with Multiple Chambers

guest blogger john hare During the discussions on the TAN concept, it turns out that the original invention requires some seriously difficult injection into the supersonic stream to avoid shock losses and other difficulties. Jon confirmed that there were problems, … Continue reading

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Moving Asteroids

guest blogger john hare I briefly got into another discussion about moving asteroids recently. It involved parking an eleven ton spacecraft next to the asteroid and letting the gravitational attraction between the two shift the asteroids orbit. Then when the … Continue reading

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Air Turborocket for TAN

guest blogger john hare The potential problems I see with developing the original TAN concept could be quite wrong. If I am, I owe several people apologies upon proof. Whether I am or not though, the concept itself is obviously … Continue reading

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