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My gmail account was compromised this afternoon. I changed the password, but am not sure if that did the trick. If people keep getting spam email from my gmail account, let me know.

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Flintlock Igniter

guest blogger john hare One of the things that I take exception to is people saying there is only one way to do something. From some people I get irritated, from others I enjoy finding some way of proving them … Continue reading

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Intuition and Rocket Concepts

guest blogger john hare One of the engineering teachers at the community college I briefly attended had an expression, “Engineering is an exact science, and intuition.”   In both my day job and rocket hobby, I take that to mean that if … Continue reading

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Light Blogging: The Continuing Excuses Continue…

So, I got my big propellant depot paper done in time, but now I have some other stuff that will probably keep me from posting much for a while:

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Ejector/Injector TAN Modules

guest blogger john hare The comment exchanges with Eric on crazy 319 triggered another thought. Jons’ post on Thrust Augmented Nozzles (TAN) mentions that the work on scramjets led to the technology. That part never made sense to me as … Continue reading

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Crazy Idea 319 Ejector/injector Tribrid

guest blogger john hare Development cost is a major player in anything concerning space launch vehicles. Why not heavy lift, RLV, laser, maglev, turborocket, scamjet, rotovator, BDB, and on and on and on, is largely a function of development cost at … Continue reading

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Older and Hopefully Wiser

It’s that time of the year again. One more year until the big three-oh. It’s kind of crazy to realize that ten years ago, I had just finished the last three finals of my undergraduate career, I had just had … Continue reading

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First Pump Results

guest blogger john hare A friend mentioned that he had adequate shop air at 150 psi to test my pump. We had just a few minutes between jobs this afternoon to see what would happen. We got positive results. Sort … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare As salesmen of the spaceflight concept, we need to be tuned in to what people say in response to the things we find interesting. I have gone out a few times with Flor and think she … Continue reading

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