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Depot-Centric Human Spaceflight

In light of how well today went at the Augustine Committee, I felt that it would be worthwhile to post the propellant depot white paper that a group of us submitted last week. I was originally planning a much longer … Continue reading

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One of the Most Amazing 25 Minutes in (Recent) NASA History [Updated]

Or at least that’s how Stephen Flemming put it on Twitter regarding Jeff Greason’s presentation at the Augustine Committee meeting today in Florida. To be fair, the rest of the subgroup also did an amazing job, especially Chris Chyba’s wrapup … Continue reading

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Random Thought: NASA Multi-Launch Hypocrisy

Just reading some of the comments from the Constellation used-car sale pitch going on in Huntsville today.  One of the topics discussed was how Ares-V enables manned missions to Mars.   The Marshall guys put up a chart showing that depending … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Depot Article on New Scientist

Last week, right after I finished sending my propellant depot white paper in to the Augustine Committee, I got contacted by David Shiga of New Scientist with some questions for an article he was writing.  The article is now available … Continue reading

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MSFC Competency Bleg

I know this may sound mean-spirited, but I’m genuinely curious: does anyone know of any big projects that MSFC has played a major role in over the last 30 years that were actually successful?  I’ve only been paying attention since … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare It is a requirement of living that you make assumptions about things. If you have to have all conceivable information on any subject, and have all of it verified to a high degree, before you do … Continue reading

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guest blogger john hare Momentum exchange tethers could be one of the enabling technologies of the next phase of space development, and almost certainly will be a centerpiece in the phase after that. The problem with them is the same … Continue reading

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Heading North

I’m just about to head out from the NewSpace 2009 conference.  Honestly, I ditched out of all of today, and parts of the other days, between my propellant depot panel, and the white paper I was working on.  The panel … Continue reading

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Ribbon II

guest blogger john hare Whether or not the ribbon propellant system of Universal will work well or not is a subject of interest. I gave some thought to similar concepts some time ago, which makes it more interesting to me … Continue reading

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Feeding the Turborocket

guest blogger john hare Air breathing engines have many problems competing with rockets on acceleration missions. High on the list is the inlet that slows the incoming air and uses that kinetic energy to compress the air before sending it … Continue reading

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