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Excuses, Excuses

Sorry guys, I said I’d post the second half of that thought today (the one about how to use dual-launched EELVs for manned missions).  But I’m exhausted.  Been doing far too many cycles of stay up till 1am, then get … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Pre-Depot EELV 2-Launch Unmanned Missions

A couple months ago, I had a friend run an interesting idea past me for a way of soft-landing serious sized payloads on the moon using existing launchers, even before full-fledged depots are operational. After looking at the idea, I … Continue reading

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Alternate History Thought

guest blogger john hare I have a seriously adverse reaction to der Griffenshaft and the money and opportunity costs it represents. This is a what if post concerning the results that the $8B to date could have achieved if handled … Continue reading

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Paging Senator Shelby

…I know there’s sometimes some confusion about names, but I’m pretty sure NASA isn’t short for Northern Alabama Space Administration. Someone ought to point that out to our Mr. Shelby.

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Popcorn Mitigation

guest blogger john hare I noticed an objection to reusing tanks in orbit again that struck me as minor. Insulation popcorning off the tank creates an orbital debris problem that is increasingly unacceptable. It would seem to me that an … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Risk, Orbital Rendezvous, and Depots

[Ed: I’m pretty sure I’ve used this argument before, but didn’t see it on the blog, so I figured I’d put it down in writing even if it ends up being repetitive.] One of the most common criticisms I hear … Continue reading

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Back Online sorta

john hare I’ve been without net access for a few months and still don’t have a valid email after moving out of the house. I don’t have anything interesting to post at this time, especially as I seem to have … Continue reading

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