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Regarding “Lunar COTS”

I’ve been busy a lot lately (between this, this, this, and having friends in from out of town for the holiday), so I hadn’t had a chance until now to reply to Mark Whittington’s correspondence with me (found here).  A … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on ESAS Appendix Flaws

A few weeks ago, when I first discussed the ESAS Appendices on this blog, I had to be somewhat vague about my concerns, since the information wasn’t out in the public, and I didn’t want to get Chris in trouble … Continue reading

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Chilled “Fizzy” Propellants for Vapor Pressurized Rockets

One of the topics I like to blog about is promising new space technologies, especially those that relate to reusable launch vehicles and space transportation infrastructure. Clark Lindsey recently linked to the website for the Space Propulsion Group, where a … Continue reading

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Twitter (Updated)

So, after insulting twitter as a crutch for people too ADOS (Attention Deficit…Oooh Shiny!) for blogging, I finally broke down and joined today. It wasn’t just because I was already reading several other people’s twitter feeds, but mostly because I … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!

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Reason to Get an NSF L2 Subscription #2921: ESAS Appendices

For those of you who can afford it, but who haven’t done so yet, I’d suggest getting a subscription to the L2 section of Chris Bergin’ forum. They’ve typically been well ahead of the ball on several of the major … Continue reading

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