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I’ve noticed a lot of impatience in the blogosphere over the lack of an Obama pick for NASA administrator. Some people have even been pining for Mike Griffin to take the reigns again (as much of an unmitigated disaster as … Continue reading

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Inigo Montoya Moments in Economics

I just watched The Princess Bride again a couple of days ago. One of my favorite lines in the movie is when Inigo turns to Vizinni (after he said “Inconceivable!” for the bajillionth time) and says “You keep using this … Continue reading

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Keeping the “Dismal” in “The Dismal Science”

Sorry for another non-space blog post (space posts take time!)  I saw this link over on Arnold Kling’s blog, and thought it was worth sharing.  The article is reviewing a book that’s almost as old as I am: The Rise … Continue reading

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Second Blog?

I’m thinking of starting a second blog, one focused more on non-space stuff (things like recipes, family pictures, anecdotes, etc). My blog regular readership right now is probably 90-95% people interested in space stuff, and 5-10% family and friends. For … Continue reading

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Existence of a Crisis Does Not Imply Existence of an Easy Solution

Just a quick thought on the economic situation.  A few days ago, Pat Lang (who usually blogs about military issues) had a post asking people’s opinions on whether the current economic situation was just a typical business cycle downturn, or … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Again

Sorry guys (and gals!) for the light blogging.  We finally got into testing our 750lbf engines at work over the past month or so, and especially in the past few days, the testing tempo has increased quite a bit.  Between … Continue reading

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