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COTS Thoughts

I think most in the commercial space industry would agree that COTS is one of the best things the government has done to help promote commercial space in a long time.  While I think that overall this program has been … Continue reading

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Passing of a Mentor

While calling home tonight to speak with my family (a weekly tradition in my family), I heard the sad news that Larry H Miller had passed away from complications to his Type II diabetes. Long-time readers may recognize his name … Continue reading

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Orbital Mechanics Tricksiness to Increase the Frequency of TLI Opportunities for LEO Depots

[Update 2/10/09 11pm: I’m actually pretty sure I made a mistake here, and my entire idea may be more or less worthless. Basically, the problem is that for any elliptical trajectory, you have a “line of apsides”, which basically is … Continue reading

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Some Space Posts Coming Soon

Just wanted to mention that I have some space posts that will be coming up soon. If I didn’t have a 6am meeting tomorrow morning, I would’ve tried to put one together tonight, and I didn’t want to leave a … Continue reading

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9/11 Changed Everything

Am I the only one who notices the eerie similarities between the debate over the current “stimulus” bill and the run-up to the Iraq War?  The same drumbeat of propaganda coming from the press.  The same repeated warnings of imminent … Continue reading

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New Spin on an Old Phrase

I heard this on aRocket, and thought it clever enough to warrant passing on.  You’ve heard the old phase “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” A better way of looking at it was suggested … Continue reading

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