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More Excuses, Excuses

Two more reasons I haven’t been blogging much lately: Methinks I may be past-due for an MSS update…

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Horizontal ELV Launchpad

guest blogger john hare A recent discussion mentioned that some ELVs are launching with a T/W ratio of 1.15 or less. An ongoing discussion concerns the cost and limitations of launch pads for them. Space advocates like us would mostly … Continue reading

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Blogging to Resume

I managed to get all three writing projects wrapped up on-time, so I should have more time to blog in the near future.  Of course, at this point I’m not sure what I’m going to write about.

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Obama Transition Recommendations (Updated)

I’m busy on a writing project, but Ferris Valyn and I submitted two papers to the Obama transition team over the past week, and Ferris just posted the first one on his DailyKos site.  The site seems to be … Continue reading

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Earth Sun Trojan Asteroids

guest blogger john hare Making use of off earth resources is a fairly constant topic of discussion. A recent Dennis Wingo comment made me think of a few paragraphs scattered through Mining The Sky by John Lewis. It is suggested that … Continue reading

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Space Policy Recognition Lag

There was an interesting piece about foreign policy linked to by one of the blogs I read on a regular basis (can’t remember who now). The piece was talking about the delay between when changes to the global order happen, … Continue reading

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