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Random Thought: Atlas-V Phase 1 + Orion + Prop Transfer

Here’s a quick thought on a way to use EELVs for launching Orion that I was thinking about tonight.   One of the reasons why the CEV is so big that it’s hard to launch on an existing EELV is because … Continue reading

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Target Fixation

guest blogger john hare Work has picked up for us in the last several weeks, so I have been focusing on trying to make money instead of posting anything. Second reason for not posting is that several of the people … Continue reading

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Light Blogging (Again)

With Christmas nearing, and lots of projects on my plate (one SBIR proposal, one abstract for an AIAA paper, and trying to put together some brief thoughts for the Obama NASA transition team), I doubt I’ll have much time to … Continue reading

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Good Satire

Now that silly season is over, and sanity is returning to most denizens of the blogosphere, Rand Simberg serves up some delicious satire about our intrepid Don Miguel De Grifo.  Of course, it would be funnier if it wasn’t as … Continue reading

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Random Thought: Lunar Launch Loop

A while ago, on aRocket, several people were discussing the concept of the launch loop.  Read the articles here and here to get caught up to speed on the details.  The idea is a non-rocket way of launching payloads to … Continue reading

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Propellant Depot Policy Thoughts

I’ve written a lot about the technical and business implications of propellant depots, and I realized I ought to discuss some of my thoughts on the the public policy side of propellant depots. On one hand, I think that propellant … Continue reading

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Falcon IX Upper Stage Recovery Kremlinology

I just wanted to post a couple of short thoughts about the Falcon IX Upper Stage information that came out in the article I linked to in a blog post a few days ago. Specifically this picture from Figure 9 … Continue reading

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