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Light Blogging: Excuses, Excuses

Did I mention we’ve been busy lately?

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Carrier Aircraft for SLV

guest blogger john hare My propeller concept was pretty well destroyed in comments. Several major flaws in the concept were pointed out. This one is more conventional, or at least as close as I get. A custom aircraft for air … Continue reading

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Performance Monoprop

guest blogger john hare In the other posts, I have tried somewhat to conform to accepted practice. In this one I suggest that maybe it is time to try something really new. I’m going with the monoprop again because it … Continue reading

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Airless Aerobraking

guest blogger john hare Aerobraking is possibly the most mass efficient means of matching velocity with a planet. The problem with aerobraking is that so many places of interest have no atmosphere to use for the purpose. The moon is … Continue reading

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The Best Way for Bad (Space) Policy to Triumph…

It’s been interesting watching the space corner of the blogosphere during the last several months. Many of my friends in the space advocacy community tend to support the Republican side of things, and it was sad to see how many … Continue reading

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ULA Propellant Depot Paper (Updated)

Here’s one other interesting paper, which was presented at the SPACE 2008 conference a few months ago. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was given a copy of a few of the ULA papers before the conference, but … Continue reading

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Interesting Paper on Shuttle Alternatives

Someone was digging around the ULA publications section, and stumbled on a very interesting paper I hadn’t heard about yet discussing a shuttle alternative for resupplying the space station. While I don’t agree with everything in it, it’s worth a … Continue reading

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Roton Revisit

guest blogger john hare One of the more fascinating rocket concepts has to be the roton engine.  Liquid fueled rockets in the tips of a set of helicopter blades would power them to lift a ship off the ground or let … Continue reading

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Peroxide and Aerospike

guest blogger john hare Comments on the triprop included questions on switching to peroxide and modifying to aerospike with the basic concept. These two simple questions potentially contain the core of an engine better than  the LOX/Kero/LH that I started with. By … Continue reading

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Affordable Triprop Pumped Engine

guest blogger john hare It is interesting how many people tend to think of current rocket engines as being mature or nearly so. In this ongoing series of thought experiments and looney tune ideas, I suggest that current engines are … Continue reading

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