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Saddlespike Nozzle

    Altitude compensating nozzles have almost no flight history in spite of offering the possibility of higher performance results with lower performance equipment. In theory, a compensating nozzle allows a rocket engine to perform at optimum at any altitude … Continue reading

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New Blogger

In case you all haven’t noticed, we added a new blogger to Selenian Boondocks today.  Many of you will recognize John Hare as a long-time commenter on Selenian Boondocks.  I can’t remember how long ago I first ran into John … Continue reading

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SpaceX and RLV

 guest blogger John Hare SpaceX has done an amazing job of creating and flying a new launch system from scratch. There have been a few snipers criticizing their designs, procedures, schedules, and anything else the anonymous crowd can dream up. … Continue reading

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Admission of Failure

guest blogger John Hare In 2001 a couple of us incorporated a company called Near Space Transport. It lasted less than six months. The basic idea that we could buy rocket engines from one supplier, jet engines from another, and … Continue reading

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