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guest blogger john hare Once a vehicle is in orbit, a high thrust to weight engine becomes a convenience rather than a necessity. For orbital transfer, Isp becomes far more important due to the cost of delivering propellant to orbit. … Continue reading

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Building the Saucer

guest blogger john hare One of the problems with the toroid tank based vehicle is that it looks like a UFO. Let’s just call it a saucer and beat the comedians to the punch. Three main objections came up in … Continue reading

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Rollerthroat Pump

guest blogger john hare [Saturday afternoon post change. Argh. While replying to Marcus, I realized that this post could be considered Monday Morning Quarterbacking at its’ worst considering the loss just experienced by Armadillos’ team. I respect that team and … Continue reading

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Notchbell and the Boot compensators

guest blogger john hare Compensating nozzles would be useful if they can be done affordably. Affordable is not only the cost to fabricate a nozzle, but also the risk of pursuing things that don’t work, and the time and money … Continue reading

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Rapid Orbital Propellant Transfer

guest blogger john hare The ability to refuel in space is one of the critical technologies for opening up the high frontier. Without the ability to refuel in microgravity, destinations will be restricted to either low DeltaV missions or planets with … Continue reading

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Cagejet Turborocket

Air breathing engines are virtually useless for the acceleration  mission of a spacecraft. Fairly simple math demonstrates their lack of utility again and again. Any real air breathing engine (ABE) has a limited mach range and large weight compared to a … Continue reading

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Surgery Tomorrow

Tiff goes in for a minor surgery tomorrow. It’s a routine procedure Tiff needs to have done each time we’re expecting, but I figured that there are enough people who read this blog who know Tiff, that I figured it … Continue reading

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Toroid Tanks

guest blogger john hare The VTVL vs HTHL vs VTHL arguments will probably never end. Many people simply cannot admit that different methods fit different requirements. That I prefer HTHL myself is not a compelling argument for the method. It … Continue reading

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Pumped Monoprop

Jon mentioned that I argue pumps over pressure fed. That is partially because the first thing I tried to do seriously in rocketry was build a pump for some friends for a project in Huntsville. I started with the base assumption that … Continue reading

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RLV Markets Part I: The Importance of High Flight Rates

Now that I’ve wrapped up my Orbital Access Methodologies series, I wanted to share some thoughts about the business and market development side of reusable space transportation.  Some of this may be old-hat for many of you, but I figured … Continue reading

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